Chavon Jones (born on September 13, 1982) better known as DJ H2 “The Vibe Setter”, is an American DJ. He was born to Nita Jones and Charles Morrell, and raised in Miami, Fl. The third born of 2 sisters and an older brother, he moved with his siblings to their aunt and grandmother’s home while their mother was incarcerated. It was during that time, he was introduced to DJing. From the age of 10-17, his love for djing would grow into a passion. With the help of his mentors DJ Phill and DJ Top Feelin, who taught him how to blend and scratch, his passion evolved into a career.

He’s djed in Miami’s hottest clubs, toured and worked alongside rising hip-hop artists Suthun Boy, T-Pain, The Nappy Boy Family, Waka Flocka & Brick Squad Monopoly, and Flo Rida. Regardless of his many accomplishments, he continues to grow his Miami fan base, his brand, and catapulting the careers of new artists by promoting their music. In the recent years he’s djed for clubs, government official events, non-profit concerts, celebrity parties and performances, concerts and tours.

The Vibe Setter’s sets are a direct reflection of the Miami culture that has shaped him. He seamlessly transitions from hip-hop and EDM to reggae, haitian kompa and latin music. He makes it his duty to remain in demand because “you have to stay on your job because someone is definitely coming for it.” As a result, he continues to practice his craft, challenge himself, and research the works of DJ Uncle Al, DJ Khaled, DJ Drama, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Disco Dave. “A lot of people play good music, but I feel like I have understood the science behind taking people on a musical journey through vibes.”

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