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Mystikal Could Be Released From Jail Next Week Because of New Record Deal

Mystikal could be walking out of jail if everything goes to plan. According to TMZ, the incarcerated rhymer is close to getting the $3 million he needs for bail.

The Ghetto Fabulous artist has been in jail since 2017 for first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping after an unnamed woman accused both Mystikal and another man, Averweone Darnell Holman, of raping her. Holman faces the same charges. A third person, a woman named Tenichia Monieck Wafford, has also been charged with obstruction of justice in relation to the alleged assault for reportedly trying to persuade the woman to recant her story.

Mystikal’s attorney, Joel Pearce, told the outlet that his client’s friends and family have been raising money for his $3 million bond but it was a newly-signed record deal that really helped him reach his goal.

According to Tim Yazbeck, another lawyer for the embattled rhymer, his new deal consist of him recording three unreleased albums. He’s hoping to get an advance within days. Mystikal’s legal team believes they’re confident that he can post bail and be released by the end of next week.

Mystikal, whose real name is Michael Tyler, has denied all rape allegations against him and believes the entire situation was fueled by the #Metoo movement that has exposed sexual misconduct by male executives and celebrities in the film and music industry.

Mystikal’s rape trial is expected to start in May.

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